In week 9 of term 2, T1 were very lucky to have Mrs Willets, a parent of one of our Moutohora boys, come in and show us how to make simple concrete creations. Mrs Willets has seen almost every child in our school...lots of pressies for our families!!!

Mrs Willets spent an hour-ish showing our children how to stir and mix the concrete and sand mix, then the mix with some water and then how to scoop and pour the mix into the moulds. She had the children tap the bottoms of the moulds to allow the bubbles to rise to the surface. This is the dry concrete creations wouldn't break because they might be weak.

Mrs Willets will be back soon to help T1 children paint their wonderful creations. In the meantime, please enjoy our photos of the children showing when they were busy mixing, stirring and tapping to get their concrete mix ready.
Mrs Willets Special Art on PhotoPeach