In week 2, T1 began our cross country practice by walking/jogging around our own school field and as the days passed, children were encouraged to try walking/jogging further.
Soon our practices were taking place across the road in the soccer field, with our children (along with T2, T3 and some older classes) walking/jogging around the soccer field. Eventually, we began to climb the big hill - T1 and TA1 children were allowed to choose which of 2 tracks they could take. 3 of our children chose to do the easier track (but this still involved some climbing) while the rest chose to climb to the top before running along and back down.

In Week 5 our Cross Country Day came with a sigh of relief! The sun was out and was hospitable until the completion of the races. The rain set in after lunch! Great timing!!!
2 of our children (Kyle and Kiarah-Rose) ran with the 6 year olds and ran extremely well. Jordan came 2nd in the 5 year old races. Charmaine, Te Rehia and ´╗┐Annabelle came in the top 3 with the easier races - all were accompanied by Miss Kylie.We had a wonderful day and our children were absolutely tired by lunchtime, so an easy afternoon with ice blocks were had by all!

Whew! What a day!