We have been learning to write descriptions about 'Ourselves' and animals we keep as pets or on the farm. We started by thinking about what kinds of words we would need to describe objects and after brainstorming a collection of words, we gave them a general name ... adjectives.‚Äč We used photos from the internet or posters to help us to describe these objects.

Each day, we give a verbal reflection about the statements we have written (we do this before we 'wrap' up our storywriting sessions) by reading out aloud to the class. The children are then to 'think' about the statements and clues read to them, before they are to guess what object the child has written about.

We used pictures of cats and dogs to help motivate our descriptions.

cats_sleep.jpg 2dogs.jpg

We practise saying verbal descriptions about objects (ourselves, pets) before I model a statement and before their writing can begin.