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The first day of school for a new 5 year old and his or her's parents can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Big school can mean your child is feeling like the 'Big Girl' or 'Big Boy' that we say they have become...until they finally arrive at Big School! Some children cope really well, much to the relief of Mums and Dads, while for other children, this time may be quite upsetting until these little ones settle down within their new environment...and do not worry, they usually do!

Hopefully your child has had between 2 to 4 pre-school visits to help the transition between pre-school and primary level school. From these visits, your child will see some of the daily routines of the new class and the general runnings of the school as well as form some new friendships with the class children.

What to expect.

*Welcome into the class.
Reminder where the toilets, cloakbay area and playgrounds
can be found and a friend (or friends) is given to our new enrolment to find these areas.
The friend also helps our new enrolment throughout the day both in and out of class.

*Gentle activities:

- decorating a name tag for our Green Card award wall.
- decorating a 'bird' work sheet ready for the basic sight words each child will learn.
- simple writing and number activities (writing their name, learning 'I', 'I' poems and practising forming letters, counting).
- exploring the class environment
(Where can I find activities?
What is the Green Card Gallery Wall?
Where do I find the yellow dot and green dot learning activities?).

*Home Work:
- yes...all our newbies will get a home work book with activities to help
adjust to receiving and doing home work after school
(ie 'I' poems, simple writing activities, finger pointing while reading activities).
- home work pouch
- all newbies will receive a Duffy activity book with some basic sight words and fun formation activities, helping your newbie practise pencil movements that will help with letter formation.