´╗┐Folk dance practice began about Week 5, with the children learning our first folk dance. We began the extension dance for the extension group in Week 6 and then learning both the Exit and Entry movements in Week 7. The next 2 weeks were used for 'fine tuning' our performance.*Unfortunately, Folk Dance Day did not go ahead due to the weather but will be held at a later date! Below are pictures from our folk dance practices.

We did continue with our Art n' Craft part of the day with children spending the first part of the day creating flower creations (button hole sprays, unusual container) and vegetable creations (eg cars, dinosaurs were amongst the displays). We had plenty of parent helpers come along for the day to help and what a relief that was!!!

After play was meant to have been the folk dancing part to allow judges to sneak around and judge all the creations made that morning, but our pod had quickly cleaned the classrooms and we all settled down to watch a DVD before having our lunch.After lunch, was the 'walk around' part with classes walking around and carefully looking at the many wonderful creations made as well as art work created throughout the term - this is such a treat to see what other pods have been creating with their children! If families are able to come and view the art, children are encouraged to walk around with their families so they are able to take their time and discuss what they see and wander where they please. *Below are some of T1's flower/vege creations made on the day, later on pictures of art created from other pods will also be featured.

Our school remained open until 5:30pm/6pm to allow other parents and family members to view the art at a later time (this is such a relaxing part of the day since there are hardly any other children around and noise is at a minimum!). Our school also were hosting a 'walk about' for teachers from other Kawerau schools to view the art as well as 'have a look' at how our school are embracing the 'Inquiry Learning for the 21st Century' and catch up with chit-chats with Putauaki teachers.

Moutohora Pod

Te Atea Pod

Tarawera Pod
Whakaari Pod
The day finally ended with a shared tea to about 7:30pm and then it was home time for staff!