​As well as 'tackling' our learning with our school Inquiry Model for Learning - the
Tackle Box, we are steadily learning about Art Costa's, the
Habits of Mind,
HOM for short.
These are habits T1 children are learning and practising
everyday so we can develop habits that will enable our class to...

*behave appropriately in class and around others to enable learning to progress
*stop and think about questions and their answers, their ideas and actions
*respect themselves, others and their environment
*persisting and to 'keep going', to 'not give up'.

...the list keeps going! In fact there are 16 Habits of Mind
for the successful learner that will eventually be taught. We are learning about...

Impulsivity - to Stop and Think about our answers,
ideas and actions. To not be 'impulsive'.
- to Keep Going and to Not Give Up!

As the year progresses, our class will look at other HOMs to practise
and maintain - ready for life in T2, T3 and hopefully for the rest of their lives!

Quality Learning: The Search for Intelligent Life
from the book Home for the Mind by Hawker Brownlow
(a summary of Art Costa's Habits of Mind).

The Institute for Habits of Mind

A little bit about Art Costa
Dr. Arthur Costa has done a great deal of thinking about "school as home for the mind." His insightful and compelling presentations to groups of educators move many to action in creating classrooms that are thoughtful places to learn. His words have been heard and read throughout the world. Indeed he is actively concerned that there must be worldwide change in educational systems if they are to meet the needs of a global society.
Dr. Costa is former professor of Education at California State University, Sacramento where he served as Chair of the Department of Educational Administration and where he taught graduate courses to teachers and administrators in curriculum, supervision, and the improvement of instruction.
He is the author of The Enabling Behaviors, Teaching for Intelligent Behaviors, and Supervision for Intelligent Teaching, and he edited the widely used text Developing Minds: A Resource Book for Teaching Thinking. He is co-author of Techniques for Teaching Thinking, and co-author of Cognitive Coaching: A Foundation for Renaissance Schools, as well as numerous other articles and publications on supervision, teaching strategies, and thinking skills.
Dr. Costa has made presentations and conducted workshops for educators throughout the United States and in Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the South Pacific. He taught in the Bellflower School District of Los Angeles, worked as a curriculum Consultant in the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools' Office, and served as Director of Educational Programs for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the western states.
Active in many professional organizations, Dr. Costa served as President of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development in 1988-89, and has also served as President of the California ASCD.