On Thursday 10th of June (term 2), our school, like many other schools throughtout NZ, took part in the 'Spottiest Day' fundraising event. Why???
To raise money to help fund the Life Education Caravans that spend a great deal travelling to schools. We see Miss Shirley and Harold the Giraffe once every year (sorry, our school has already had our annual visit in term 1)! We learn great things about our bodies, how our bodies grow and how everything on the inside of our bodies work, how to care for ourselves, self esteem and cofidence...the list goes on. Children of all ages love spending time in the caravan learning great things about 'Ourselves' and every child also comes away with a resouce work book that they can keep as well as loads of other classroom room activities that we are allowed to use while the Life Education caravan is on the school site.

Children do not pay anything to go to these special life education classes (we have 2 visits per each class) and we do not pay anything towards the cool books children are encouraged to work in. Harold the Giraffe, Miss Shirley (our local area Life Education teacher) and all the other Life Education tutors do not often appeal to the communities for help and so our school naturally 'jumped-on-board' and were happy to give a helping hand.

harold.jpg We hope to see Harold and Miss Shirley visit our school for many years to come!
Please enjoy our class pics of our 'Spottiest Day' in T1 (do not worry if you do not remember this day, Miss Lafaelle forget to remind the children about this day and we spent the morning cutting out coloured paper spots and sticking them to the childrens' clothes before meeting at the hall to show off our spots!
All the children received a lolly for the spots they wore)
Thank you very much families for sending your children to school with spotty clothes and loads of spots painted on faces! The children looked marvellous (and many looked like they had chicken pox!)
A big thanks goes to one of our parents, who also works in T1 with Angus,
who kindly donated $10 towards the fundraising effort!

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