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T1 welcomes regular visits from the Te Manaaki Pre-School almost every Wedneseday with occasional visits from Putauaki Kindy as well. These visits offer a great chance for our pre-school visitors to have a small 'taste' of what working in a big class is like and a wonderful opportunity for T1 children to play the roles of 'big' helpers, giving responsible and appropriate help to our younger visitors.

What do we do?
- Days of the week
-Months of the year
- Phonics
(a very basic singing of the alphabet and finding letter sounds)
and then we share a large book, story or poem.

We always do an art activity based on the text we have read during our pre-school visit time. Our pre-schoolers can take back this art-work to share with their school. T1 always has this art-work displayed on our walls along with texts that our children spend reading and sharing with each other.

Look at some of the art we have done...


Where's My Teddy? by Jez Alborough on PhotoPeach

By the time it is our interval time, the children have had about 10 to 20 minutes to play activities with our pre-school visitors after their art work has been completed. We then pack up all activity tools and clean our classroom together before sharing our text of the week, sing songs and share fruit.

We always look forward to our time with our pre-school visitors
and T1 can't wait until they return the next week!