T1 class hosted a full school assembly in Week 7 of Term 1. We practised learning and speaking our parts for assembly and our items. Our families were invited to come along and enjoy our assembly as well as spend the lunch time with their children and families were able to look at their childrens' work over term 1.
T1 and T2 speakers practised these skills:

*Microphone Use:
- holding the microphone appropriately
- speaking slowly and clearly so our audience could understand
our speaking parts

- looking at the audience and standing to face the audience
- moving from our sitting positions to the stage without hurting
ourselves or someone else
- making dancing movements big

T1 and T2 speakers had two weeks to practise their lines and songs and one week to practise using the microphone with their speaking buddies. The confidence of the children has grown over the past two weeks and speaking in front of the pod has been good public speaking practise. Many children are 'born' actors and thrive when given an audience whereas other children have had to work hard to present in front of an audience.