*General Topic:
- Rules and Routines:
- Sunwise Safety:
- Water Safety:

*Written Language:
Image found through 'google images'.

- Recount:
A basic retelling of a holiday event. A recount involves:
- a title (the name of the story)
- an orientation (who is in the story, when did the event happen and
where did it happen)
- the events
- a conclusion (the end of the story with
the writer saying how they felt about the event).

- Descriptive:
Learning to describe objects using interesting adjectives.
Who am I?

- Report:

A basic report explaining and describing 'Myself' , 'Cats' and 'Dogs'.
A report includes:
- a title
- classification (what the object is)
- a description
- dynamics (what the object can do).

Our basic cat report.

- Book knowledge (ie front/back cover, pages, spine)
- Letter/word/sentence awareness
- Finger pointing to each word when reading
- Basic punctuation (ie capital letter, fullstop)
- Sounding out letters in words
- BSW recognition
- Using pictures to help work out words
- Retelling story in own words

Speaking with clarity, clear sentences, voice projection, volume with/without microphone.
Microphone image taken from the internet.


- Number Operations
- 2D/3D Geometry
- attributes/classify
- patterns

- Daily fitness (changes each week)
- Swimming: basic swimming skills and confidence in water