Another year for Tarawera 1 (T1) and yes we have new faces in our class room as
well as a few 'oldies' from 2009!

T1's old wikispace from 2009 is still available for your viewing.

So what might you find in T1's wikispace?
Information about Tarawera Pod and T1...
*Teachers in Tarawera Pod and their levels.
*T1's goals for each curriculum area for each term.
*Picture evidence of activities for each term.
*Links to other pods in the school, to our school website, to our cluster Peak-Ict wikispace to just name a few.
*Picture diary for each child.

Hopefully our wikispace will be updated regularly and more information will be added as the year progresses and also as our class learns about more interesting topics.

*If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see included in T1's wikispace, please let me know at school or have your say in the 'Parent Say'
(you will have to join this wikispace then go to the left hand menu bar, click, hit 'edit', make your comment and then hit 'save').

Many pictures are images found on the internet using 'google images' search engine unless stated as
being taken by Miss Lafaelle or T1 children.